HBØ DXpedition | CQWW DX CW 2008

«Liechtenstein, once again!»

After taking part from Liechtenstein in the Russian DX contest 2007 and in ARRL DX CW 2008, we feel it is time for an activation of Liechtenstein in *the* contest: CQWW DX.

Unfortunately our former QTH (Chalet Parsüla) is not available, so we had to find an alternative. This time we have booked Chalet Wanni, home of the HBØ/9A8MM gang in 2007. Back then we have visited our Croatian friends (who were there also for the Russian DX contest), so we know the chalet and the small field for building antennas.

Because of the limited space for erecting antennas, we decided to take part in the contest as 2x single operator, single band.

... HBØ/DK4YJ will be active as SOSB 40m ...

... HBØ/DK9TN will be active as SOSB 20m ...